Poll Worker Information

Douglas County uses approximately 2,000 poll workers for each county-wide election held. Poll workers can volunteer to work, or they may be drafted to work a total of four elections. Poll workers have a number of responsibilities, from working at polling places, to answering phones at the Election Commission office, to counting ballots on election night.

Poll Worker Requirements

  • Must be a registered voter in Douglas County.
  • Must attend poll worker training prior to each election in order to work at the polls.
  • Must not be a candidate for political office at that election.

Drafted Poll Workers

  • Drafted poll workers are randomly chosen from the list of registered voters.
  • Drafted poll workers must serve four elections to complete the required service.
  • If a drafted poll worker is unable to serve on a particular date, he or she should contact the Election Commission immediately so that his or her service can be postponed. Postponements will be allowed on a limited basis.
  • If a drafted poll worker is unable to serve because of a health condition, the poll worker needs to provide a note from his or her physician describing the medical condition and how it will prevent him or her from serving. This notice needs to be received prior to the election.
  • If a drafted poll worker does not wish to serve, he or she may cancel his or her voter registration; however, he or she will be unable to vote. If he or she re-registers to vote, he or she will still be required to serve his or her poll worker duty. A voter may cancel his or her registration by filing a Voter Cancellation Form with the Election Commission.

Poll Worker Pay

  • Both volunteer and drafted poll workers are paid for training and working.
  • Clerks and judges are paid $18.00 to attend training.
  • Inspectors are paid $25.00 to attend training.
  • District Supervisors are paid $35.00 to attend training.
  • All poll workers, except for inspectors and district supervisors, are paid minimum wage for their time worked.
  • Inspectors are paid $10.00 per hour for their time worked on election day.
  • District supervisors are paid $11.00 per hour, plus mileage, for their time worked on election day.
  • No tax form is sent to poll workers, unless the amount earned for the year exceeds $600.00. Poll workers should consult a tax professional regarding how to best claim the income for their circumstances.

Time Off From Work

  • Both volunteer and drafted poll workers must be given time off to work during an election. Employers cannot penalize employees in any way for serving as election workers, including discharge from employment, loss of pay, loss of overtime pay, loss of vacation or sick time, or the threat of such action.
  • Employers must pay an employee his or her regular wages for the time he or she is absent due to his or her service as an election worker; however, the employer has the option to subtract the amount the Election Commission pays the employee for his or her normal work hours from his or her regular pay.
    • For example, if an employee normally works an eight hour day, the employer could subtract $72.00 from the employee's paycheck. This would cover the eight hours the employee normally works multiplied by $9.00, the rate of pay from the Election Commission.
    • The employer should not deduct any money for the training pay the employee received from the Election Commission.
  • If employers or poll workers have further questions regarding poll worker time off or payment, contact the Election Commission for more information.

Volunteer to be a Poll Worker

If you are interested in becoming a poll worker, please complete the form below, or contact the Election Board Coordinator at (402) 444-VOTE (8683).

Important Dates

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The above dates are subject to change and will be updated to reflect any of those changes.