Nonpartisan Voting Options

Nonpartisan (sometimes referred to as Independent) voters can vote during any Primary Election. During a Statewide Primary Election, they will vote the Nonpartisan ballot which may contain amendments and other special issues, State Legislature candidates, MUD (Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha) candidates, OPPD (Omaha Public Power District) candidates, NRD (Natural Resource District) candidates, School Board candidates (including Metropolitan Community College and State Board of Regents).

During a Statewide Primary Election, nonpartisan voters may request to vote the Federal ballot for the House and Senate from one political party. They cannot vote the primary ballot for President, Governor, or partisan County offices unless the state political party chooses to allow nonpartisan voters to vote for all partisan offices. State political parties may choose to open their entire partisan ballot to nonpartisan voters prior to each Statewide Primary Election.

During a City of Omaha Primary Election, all voters within a precinct vote the same ballot regardless of political party affiliation.

To view your Precinct Specific Sample Ballot, click here and use the Find Your Voting Information tool.